1. What makes Athena Mentor different from other admissions counseling services?

Our international perspective sets us apart from other services. We welcome clients from around the world, who are looking for the very best educational programs for their particular needs. We have a very special combination of experience and expertise that stretches over the US, UK and Europe.

Furthermore, we come from the university side, not secondary school. We can see ahead to where you want to go, and who you want to become.

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2. Can I work with you no matter where I live?

Yes! Athena Mentor consults with clients by phone or Skype. You can fax or email us documents to review. Check out our all-new online training program for the verbal sections of the SAT exam. It’s designed especially for students pursuing the International Baccalaureate–and if it’s tough enough for them, it will help you, too!

Of course, we would be very happy to get to know you in person. If you live in Munich, this is easy. If you live elsewhere, please check NEWS & EVENTS for an opportunity to schedule a live meeting. We are also willing to travel; contact us for special arrangements.

Athena Mentor occasionally offers free teleseminars of special interest to international applicants. Our latest spoke directly to a burning issue: Return on Investment: Financing Your American MBA. Sign up for our newsletter to be sure to get the announcements of our future teleseminars! You can use Skype to dial in from most locations around the world.

3. Can you simply send me a list of the best schools? That way, I’ll know where to apply.

See the next question.

4. I already know that I want to apply only to Stanford and Harvard, because I hear that they have the best reputations. Can you help me get in?

This is not the right approach. You must have a substantive reason for applying to a particular school. Athena Mentor can help you select a list of reach, target and safety schools that match your particular interests and credentials.

5. I’m having trouble with the application essays. Can you help?

Yes. One of Dr. Corcoran’s strengths is helping you to find your story and your voice. This is an exciting process, in which you will discover who you are and what you really care about. Your passion must leap off the page!

Afraid that you’re too ordinary? There is only one you! Athena Mentor believes that every one of us has a dream. Now is the time to tell Athena—and the admissions committee—what is in your heart.

P.S. Be sure to allow plenty of time for proofreading that passion . . .

6. Will you write my application essays for me?


7. But the essays don’t really matter, do they? After all, I was first in my graduating class, and I got a perfect score on the SAT/GMAT.

Surprise! Every year, hundreds of people get a perfect score on the SAT or GMAT. Especially if you are applying from Asia, you need to set yourself apart from other high-scoring applicants. The college or MBA program needs a reason to admit you. US schools are very keen on this: they admit people, not numbers. Your essays can make all the difference.

8. Will you work with me even if I am not the world’s greatest student?

Gladly! Athena Mentor firmly believes in helping each and every one of you maximize your potential. Once again, the important thing is to find the right path for you. And by the way, there is a special place in our hearts for teenagers who could use some encouragement. See what <a href>Nico <a href> has to say about the motivational power of Athena Mentor.

9. What’s the best time to begin the application process?

If you are applying to college, you should begin at least a year before you finish secondary school; that is, in your 11th year. Students sometimes wait until the beginning of their senior year to begin, and they find themselves cramming a great deal of work into a very short time. If you begin in your 10th or 11th year, you will have time to build your credentials, take the required exams (more than once, if indicated)

If you are applying for an MBA or professional school, you should allow at least a year to prepare for the GMAT (and take it more than once, if indicated), possibly schedule campus visits, line up letters of recommendation, write a resume and complete the applications. If you begin earlier, you will have a chance to strengthen your record in ways that will help your case.

10. Can you help me get a scholarship?

We will gladly advise you about financial aid, in the general context of your applications. We make no claims about whether your financial aid applications will be successful. Please bear in mind that financial aid for non-US applicants to US schools is limited.

11. This all sounds very personal. I’m concerned about confidentiality.

Be assured that whatever you discuss with Athena Mentor will be held in strictest confidence. When you sign up for our newsletters or online services, you can be sure that we will never rent or sell our mailing lists.

12. What are your fees?

Please call or email us for our current rates.