A Master of Laws (LL.M.) provides expertise in a specialized field of law

Are you planning a career in international law? Are you qualified to practice law in your home country, but think you need to know more about specific fields within the legal system of the United States?

A typical candidate for the LL.M. degree would be someone who is qualified to practice law in Germany, and who wishes to specialize in tax law involving multinational issues.

The LL.M. (Master of Laws) is a postgraduate degree. You must hold a professional degree in law to apply to LL.M. programs in the United States. Some LL.M. programs in the U.S. require only coursework, and some also require a thesis.

You must carefully consider your reasons for applying for an LL.M., and be sure it will address your needs. Although some states allow non-U.S. lawyers to sit for the bar exam, an LL.M. is not a license to practice law in the United States.

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Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Do you want to practice law in the United States? Normally, this is the degree for you. Contact us to be sure.

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