Good question! Here are seven good answers:

  1. We have the kind of education to which you aspire. Dr. Marlena Corcoran has held academic appointments at prestigious schools, including Brown, Harvard, Princeton and Oxford. Our head math coach recently graduated from the Harvard Graduate School of Design, and our math trainers include an Italian theoretical physicist, a Chinese engineer who held a fellowship at Cambridge University and a U.S. attorney. A German professor who has taught at top universities in the U.S. advises us on the interface between German and American educational systems.
  2. Dr. Corcoran was born in New York and has extensive international experience. She offers you a perspective from both sides of the Atlantic. She speaks English, French, and German—and knows various national school systems from the inside. Hire a European-based counselor who “speaks your language”!
  3. Not only can we help you in face-to-face meetings here in Germany, but we can make arrangements to travel abroad.
  4. Our online training programs for the SAT and GMAT exams can be of immense value to you. The stories are especially designed to interest and engage international students.
  5. Dr. Corcoran brings experience from the university side, rather than the high school side. We know where you’re headed!
  6. Dr. Corcoran regularly visits colleges and universities around the world to keep up to date with what’s new in admissions. If you don’t have the time or money to visit schools yourself, rely on Athena Mentor for insight into the student body, campus culture and even the food you can expect at different schools!
  7. Dr. Corcoran is loved and respected by her clients and her peers:
    • “When you walk into the room, it’s as if my sister has arrived, and I just know everything will be alright.” –Larry, father of a student
    • “Ever since I met Marlena, I have succeeded at everything I tried: the SAT, the TOEFL, the French Baccalaureate—and I am leaving for college tomorrow!” –Nicolas
    • Athena Mentor can help you translate your academic and work experience into international success!

Athena Mentor supports the aspirations of people near and far away.

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